Sarashwati Vidhya Mandir Ayodhya Nagar Bhopal

About us

Our mission is to provide a teaching and learning environment which is enriched with purposeful and deliberate experiences to extract the best from our students.

Our program intends to achieve excellence in the scholastic and non-scholastic activities so as to mould a student into a wholesome personality in the desired direction – inculcating the values, Morales along with compassion and self-efficacy enabling each student to transform into a better social being. We also aim at instilling a sense of appreciation for the Indian culture and traditions and infusing in them a sense of tolerance for other cultures and beliefs without losing sight of their identity and their roots. Our indulgences are also devised in a way so as to convert each individual learner into an individual with sound academic base, analytical skills, civic responsibilities and cultural values. We are full-fledged in creating an environment where every individual in the campus has the freedom to think.

  • Our educational conveniences are intended to fulfill the educational aspirations of the students of Indian origin in accordance.
  • Develop all the intellectual capabilities guided by the spiritual instinct to be the role models with positive outlook and adherence to ethics.
  • Teachers with novel resources to bloom themselves and to groom the growing buds to their best, ensuring meaningful participation of the parents and the society.
  • To motivate parents and community to support student’s effort.
  • o make parents’ involvement and community interaction with the school meaningful.

  • To improve resources to make teaching learning process effective.